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EA's Message

In around the month of December, 2004, EA decided to send out this little message to everybody who played:

"Dear Populous Player,

We need to tell you about some upcoming changes to the Populous matchmaking server.

From 8 January 2004, the Populous matchmaking server will no longer be in service. Electronic Arts has made the decision to close the Populous matchmaking server in order to focus resources on future games. Given the focus on new titles, Electronic Arts is not able to maintain the server to the standards required to ensure that it is enjoyed by as many people as possible in the spirit it was set up.

We hope you've enjoyed the game as much as we have and that we'll see you again in another great EA game!

Thank you
Electronic Arts"

Populous is an old game, which is why EA stopped the multiplayer. As you can see, though, we still can play multiplayer, because of Populous: Reincarnated.